Shoe Guru: Talk the Cause, Fix the Probs

Fly open the wardrobe; smell the scent of glamour and diversity that attacks your face with a line-up of all your shoe babies. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen alike, we are never short of shoes. Be it the classic Cinderella heels, the sexy slingbacks, the vintage Mary Janes, the Goth loafers, or even kid’s shoes are a part of the OOTD essentials to style and shine. Women love wearing high heels – specifically the fancy ones with extremely thin soles that bare the feet and chew off the epidermis, but the preference of comfy sandals, hippie straps, and dope sneakers also face similar shoe problems and discomfort. We all go through the panic of sudden shoe slips, heel slides, and overly loose shoes that strip the souls out of our bodies – digging the dark holes of concern in our hearts. Though most of us women go through these shoe problems all the time, unisex and men shoes like the moccasins, brogues, sneakers, leather shoes, and oxford shoes are often viewed as those with the least problems. However, that is not true. These shoes also result in undesired blisters, skin irritation, inflammation at heels, and worse – long-term foot pain and overall bad foot health.


In most cases, shoe problems occur due to overly loose shoes – be it one or half-size loose, extremely tight shoes that leads to friction and rubbing at areas of the heels and the ankles, toe slips due to slippery open-toe shoes and excessive pressure on the foot frontals, and sandal straps irritation. However, it is never a problem that will give you the mental breakdown for long – that is, if you learn the tips and tricks that would work magic to say goodbye to heel pain, aid in preventing blisters, and avoid feet slips.


Fashion geeks, confident working women, social influencers, and women of all occupations admit to their love for high heels. High heels often cause discomfort at the Achilles tendon and even at the front part of your beautiful feet if they are worn too tight. And with this problem, we can simply rely on Upper Curves, Comfort Grips, Anti-Sliding Pads (for Open/Closed toe shoes) – which basically are special shoe products designed to relieve pain, stop the blisters, and leave you speechless with the unimaginable comfort even in shoes that are extremely tight on you. You no longer have to scream and shout in despair or come home with bleeding heels; plus, these comfy shoe beds and comfort cushions come with simple applications – even in a rush, you just have to peel, stick, and off you go.

Not a fan of heels? Well, slippers and strapped sandals have their own absurd problems too. If you think strappy sandals, flats, mules, ballerina flats, and any of the close-to-the-floor soled shoes aren’t giving you headaches – well, you’re wrong. Actually, strapped sandals and flats can also cause extreme pain when friction rubs your skin as you walk, while the leather-finish straps that run across your frontals may give you real blood-red skin stamps. Aside from heels, there are other helpful items that would only require half a minute of your time to peel and stick them onto your shoes. Even in rushed hours, in your car or at a parking lot, Ultra-Thin and Sandal Straps are designed to cushion your heels, providing all the support you need to avoid red marks of pain and overall the blisters found after wearing sandals.

I know people who love their vintage leather shoes. Be it the oxfords, loafers, brogues, or boots, we still get blisters. Easily solved with professionally-made heel cushions, insoles, and comfort grips to avoid blisters, lessen the pain, and keep you walking with confidence, these items are designed to provide the comfort we need. However, the problem does not end there. Not only adults experience shoe disasters as kids too, go through the same. Kids wearing sneakers or flats can experience heel pain, metatarsal pain, and hurting soles which can also distract their ability to learn. As for loose shoes, kids can simply use Mini Fit to lessen the looseness that may lead to toe slips and slides. Simple as that, we no longer have to throw away our beloved shoes or run to a cobbler for help.