How to ‘Fit in’... to LOOSE SHOES

How to turn over-sized shoes, wrong sized-shoe bought, and excessively huge shoes into your ‘Perfect’, ‘Just-the-right-size’ shoes within seconds

Never think you are ‘alone’ when it comes to buying the wrong shoes because you thought you knew how big your feet actually are. Everybody has gone through the panic of trying on ‘loose shoes’, shoes that are too ‘big’ to walk in without trembling and having muscle contractions along your way to the parking lot. But hey, there’s always a solution to every single problem. If Math lessons taught us to solve problems through equations, then we can find ways to tighten our shoes


‘How to Make Big Shoes Fit’ for Dummies

Anyone can make big shoes fit just right with the right ways. Be it half-size or one-size, you need to tighten the shoes up. It is not only because you don’t want to waste the amount spent for the shoes, but also care for the health of your feet. One effective solution is to use shoe inserts that will either tighten your shoes half-size or one-size up, marking up just the right size for you.

Flexzense’s Perfect Fit Loose Shoes inserts are extremely comfortable paddings that cradle your heels and aid in the relief of back heels pain. This product will tighten up your desired shoes half-a-size up, as they were made to support loose shoes that are the main causes of discomfort. However, if your shoes are way too huge to even stand straight, Flexzense’s Perfect Fit Extra Loose Shoes inserts would be a much better option. This item has been designed to keep your back heels comfy, with puffier, cushioning pads to support shoes that are one-size bigger than your size.

With the above solutions, the following are the simple steps you could follow to fit into shoes that are too big for you.

1. Thoroughly clean the shoes, specifically the insoles, to remove dirt and other particles.

2. Find the exact spot you would like to place the inserts in your shoes
(usually at the upper lining, insoles).

3. Gently press the inserts onto the shoes and gradually increase force to allow strong adhesion.

4. After pressing the inserts into place, try putting your feet into the shoes without brushing the inserts as you dip your feet in.

5. Walk around in your new shoes and feel the change.