Explore the real causes behind ‘Heel Slips, Toe Slides, and Slippery feet’ that drags your ‘confidence’ down to a zero

Explore the real causes behind ‘Heel Slips, Toe Slides, and Slippery feet’ that drags your ‘confidence’ down to a zero

High heels, specifically open toe heels that showcase your neatly pedicured toenails, are definitely every woman’s charm. However, did you know that emergency rooms in the United States have treated over hundred thousands of cases due to ‘heel slips’ in a period of ten years? Not a nice number to note that countless women have experienced pain in the feet due to shoes slipping or their feet sliding forward as they wear their heels to places.


What are the causes of heel slips, toe slides, and slippery feet? 

According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, over hundred thousands of women in their early 20s to mid-30s have experienced injuries wearing high heels, specifically open toe high heels. Walking to work, running to catch a train, or even dancing around in high heels can result in sweaty feet. When sweat damps and moistens your feet, it causes a glide or a swift slip as your feet goes along with the shoe’s surface, resulting in foot pain.


How can we prevent our feet from sliding forward?

As fashion is definitely a must to live a delightful life, there has to be a balance between mental satisfaction and physical fitness. Foot care is highly significant and will determine your long-term health patterns as our feet are the bases that carry our entire body weight and also a part of the body that determines who we are, fashion-wise.

To boost the confidence needed to be ‘independent’, ‘strong’, and ‘passionate’ women working our buttocks off to earn the dollars and live the fancy life, we need foot pain relief products to stop our feet from sliding forward and causing a ruckus in our lives.

Flexzense’s Anti-Sliding Pads for Open Toe shoes are designed to care for the metatarsals or the feet frontals, and complete your ‘OOTD Fashion look’ with two available colors: Champagne Gold and Elegant Mauve. The anti-sliding pads are especially designed to fully support and embrace your feet, offering maximum cushioning to enable full-weight insertion of force without fear of falls and slips. The product also comes along with tactile surface dots to ensure there will be no slides and glides to mess your day!