Say “Goodbye” to shoe bites and “Hello” to blister-free days – No more heels pain & discomfort

Isn’t it such a pain to walk in shoes with tough linings? The friction and pressure that rubs your skin until they’re numb only results in the unwanted blisters which eventually may lead to skin peelings and bleedings. Walking in shoes that are too tight or in heels with tough linings, most women suffer from unwanted blisters and pain at heels. Therefore, the negative impacts tight shoes have can bring about the lack of self-confidence to move around comfortably and at the same instance, enjoy the bliss of wearing one’s favorite shoe. Thus, this issue has always been a big deal to most women who love wearing heels worldwide.


Isn’t it a waste to not wear the cute, kitten heels you bought last month to work? A little tight, but you can’t deny its elegance that comes with just the right nude tones to match the simple colors of your everyday-look outfits. Throwing away or selling your heels would definitely be a waste but you don’t want the blisters or heel pain either. Heel pads, heel grips, shoe inserts, foam pads, and heel inserts are the best solution to the issue here. No more heel pain, no more discomfort should take away all the energy and the passion for fashion! If you’re a high heel addict or a hipster with the love for loafers, you no longer have to keep the concerns to yourself; a solution is just right here to shu away the stress!


Well, it’s time to say farewell to the ugly shoe bites and heel disasters with Flexzense’s Comfort Grips – your partner in crime

Flexzense’s Comfort Grips is extraordinarily made to support the heels experiencing the ugly friction that causes heel pain and discomfort at areas surrounding your ankles and the Achilles tendon. The item’s suede surface and its elegant Obsidian black hues match well with a variety of apparel choices that come along with the provision of support that comforts your heels. Not just an ordinary heel cushion, grip, or pad, Flexzense’s Comfort Grips acts like a wall of puffy support that reduces the undesired blisters mostly caused by friction at the Achilles tendon. Tight shoes? No worries! With a partner in crime, you will forever say goodbye to foot pain or all sorts and the blisters.