Problem Solving for Dummies: Dealing with loose shoes

Running away from loose shoes?

Getting tired at always running around looking like a lost duckling with your shoes making weird noises of clickety-clack?

Fear not, for as easy as peeling bananas or munching on a piece of soft cookie, you can solve the problem with shoes that are too big.


There’s always a trick to tighten your beloved pair of shimmery high heels you need to walk the streets of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. If you’re in despair, weighing the options of either selling your precious pair of glimmer glam besties or leave it as it is – I’d say drop those two options. Big shoes that are too loose to wear walking around not only cause minor to major accidents but would also make you feel uncomfortable while walking around in them. Don’t even talk about running or dancing – loose shoes will cause foot pain and back heels pain. Plus, the half size or one size difference further drags your confidence to walk like a queen down to a minus 10.

To simply make shoes fit, you will need fine quality heel pads, heel cushions, or shoe inserts specifically made to fix loose shoe problems and aid in the tightening of shoes. Shoes half size or one size big can also be fixed with just a simple peel and tap that requires just a minute of your time.

Flexzense’sPerfect Fit Loose Shoes is designed to fix shoes that are half size too large to wear and comes in a classic nude shade of Saddle brown, while Flexzense’s Perfect Fit Extra Loose Shoes will offer a comfy grip and be the solution to shoes that are one size too big – with an available color of Espresso Brown to match your outfit of the day. These two items are designed to offer a strong grip to pamper your heels and Achilles tendon – to keep away the undesirable effects of wearing loose shoes.