Stop the friction, walk the talk. Never let the straps bring you down.

You recently bought yourself a birthday present, a pair of strap heels you have always wanted for life. The shoe is extraordinary; it has just the right bling and glamour you need to blow your night away with the girls during the summer. As you dip your beautifully pedicured foot into the shoe, you realize that there was a slight friction coming from the straps, a tiny bit of the epidermis being scratched off as you insert your foot towards the shoe front. Glamorous, but yes, it does hurt when force is exerted, especially when you start walking. Plus, the truth hurts even more as this luxurious sandal is a gift to reward yourself. You don’t want a blister, or even worse foot pain, but this pair of summer sandals is making you sweat in despair. But hey, nothing is worth the worry! Every challenge comes with a solution; be it black strap heels, leather sandals, high heels, and elegant mules, you can walk the talk and never let the straps stop you.

Make Strap Heels and Sandals the Perfect Fit

Leave the stress and bare your straps. With the help of shoe inserts and cushion pads, the latest
technology to enhance shoe fitting and provide users with utmost comfort, any shoe will lead you
to the prince charming of your dreams. No more blisters, skin irritation, and feet pain – let Flexzense aid you.

Flexzense Sandal Straps is a product designed to provide enhanced comfort and protect your skin
with extra cushioning on tough, skin-irritating shoe straps. Just by simply allowing the product to
adhere to the strap’s inner surface, there’d be no more pain to reign the day.

How to Use Sandal Straps for Extra Cushioning

1. Use a clean cloth to clean strap shoes thoroughly.

2. Once the shoes have been cleaned, make sure the inner strap’s surface
is dry.

3. Remove a clear sticker from Flexzense’s Sandal Straps and carefully stick the product onto the inner surface of the shoe straps.

4. Allow the product to adhere and stick to the inner surface of the shoe straps by gently pushing the product against the straps.

5. Try on the sandals and make sure your foot does not rub with the product harshly. Then, walk around to see the results